Inflation Calculator | Measure Future Value of Your Currency

Inflation Calculator | Measure Future Currency Value

Inflation calculator let's you measure future equivalent value of todays currency value. Consideration of inflation is an important key parameter of any investment or saving plan. The easy-to-use calculator tells the value depreciation of your currency over a period.

During our investing journey not considering inflation can be a disaster for our future wealth. But why? The answer is pretty simple. It's a common phenomenon of any currency its value depreciation over a period. That means currency loses its purchasing power as the good's price rises at a slower pace. So, whenever you plan your investment, you must consider inflation so that your future corpus can fulfill your expectations. 

Let's take an example: Assume your present age is 30 your current monthly expense is about Rs. 50k, and you are planning your retirement expecting with same monthly expense of rs. 50k from your's 60th birthday. Can you imagine the real value of 50k after 30 years? Let's see... It will be close to 10k if we consider 5% annual inflation. And during your initial retirement months, you will require close to 2.16 Lakh per month. It's a huge impact. Right! Calculating inflation on paper can be tricky and time-consuming. The inflation calculator does this for you. With just a few inputs and a single click, you are good to go. Within a few seconds, you can measure the inflation-adjusted currency value.

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