PPF Calculator – Public Provident Fund Returns, Latest Interest

PPF Calculator – Public Provident Fund Returns, Latest Interest

Use the online Public Provident Fund or PPF calculator to calculate the approx returns, interest & growth of your PPF investment. A meaningful calculator for measuring PPF return.

What is the PPF Calculator?

The PPF Calculator helps you to get an overall idea of investment returns under the Public Provident Fund. With just a few inputs and clicks, you will have the PPF calculation result within a second. It's not essential to know the current interest rate of the PPF scheme. The PPF Calculator always fetches the latest interest rates for you. 

PPF Calculator - How to use?

Using the PPF Calculator is very easy to use and reduces a lot of time calculating this complex calculation on paper. Only three inputs are required to perform the calculation. Those inputs are monthly deposit, investment duration, and the rate of interest. The calculator comes with already filled interest-rate and tenure. However, you can customize or change those inputs.

On completion of providing inputs, click on the ‘Calculate Now’ button. Within a seconds the calculation result will be displayed. The result includes maturity year, interest, the final return along with a pie chart. With the help of the pie chart, you will have an idea about the entire investment and return ratio. Here is a table of some sample returns over a period:

Monthly Investment Tenure ROI Expected Returns
Rs. 5000 15 Years 7.1% Rs. 15,77,227
Rs. 5000 20 Years 7.1% Rs. 25,81,390
Rs. 7500 15 Years 7.1% Rs. 23,65,841
Rs. 7500 20 Years 7.1% Rs. 38,72,085
Rs. 12500 15 Years 7.1% Rs. 39,43,068
Rs. 12500 20 Years 7.1% Rs. 64,53,475

Who can use this Calculator?

Existing PPF account holders, along with someone who about to open the PPF account in the future can use this calculator. This calculator is also useful in terms of comparison with another scheme. 

What is the Public Provident Fund (PPF)?

The PPF or Public Provident Fund is a secure savings scheme for residents of India. This scheme comes with mid to long term tenure. The investment tenure under the PPF scheme must be at least 15 years. And there is no limit in maximum duration. 

The PPF account matures in 15 years by default. However, the tenure can be extended in 5 years of interval. To extend tenure, one needs to apply for it before the maturity date. The premature account closure of PPF account is allowed but with some conditions.

The PPF investment is one of the most popular savings investments due to its higher rate of interest. From its inception, the scheme is offering a pretty good interest rate and better than bank FDs.

As of now, a PPF account holder can invest maximum Rs. 1.5 lakh in a financial year. The deposit can be made by a single payment or by multiple installments up to 12 in a financial year. An auto-debit facility is also available in this scheme.

There are certain tax benefits under the PPF scheme. The Public Provident Fund falls under the EEE (Exempt-Exempt-Exempt) income tax segment. This makes the scheme a fully tax-free investment scheme. PPF scheme does offer a tax deduction of Rs. 1.5 lakh under section 80C, income tax act. Another key benefit is, the maturity returns of PPF is also tax-free.

A loan against the PPF account is allowed. On completion of 3 years, an individual can apply for a loan against the PPF account. As of now, the interest rate is 2% extra than the current interest rate of PPF.


Is there any age criteria for having a PPF account?

No, there no such age restriction in opening a PPF account. In the case of a minor, legal guardian or parent can open on behalf of their children.

What are the tax benefits under the PPF scheme?

The PPF scheme offers a tax deduction of Rs. 1.5 lakh under section 80C income tax act. The returns of PPF is also completely tax-free.

Can one have more than one PPF account?

No, an individual can have only one PPF account.

What is the current rate of interest of the PPF scheme?

As of August 2020, the rate of interest of the PPF scheme is 7.6% per annum that compounds annually.

Can one have EPF and PPF both accounts?

Yes, having EPF and PPF along will not be any problem.

Is a loan can be taken from the PPF account?

Yes, the loan facility is available under the PPF scheme. Once an individual completes 3 years, the loan window opens.

Are NRIs eligible for the PPF account?

No. As of now, NRIs are not eligible to open a PPF account?

Can a PPF account be opened online?

Yes, most of the banks allow opening the PPF account from there internet banking service.


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