NSC Calculator - National Savings Certificate Maturity, Interest

NSC Calculator - National Savings Certificate Maturity, Interest

NSC calculator helps you to easily calculate the approximate maturity of an investment over the National Savings Certificate.

What is the National Saving Certificate (NSC)

National Savings Certificate (NSC) is one of the most popular savings schemes or bonds assured by the Government of India. The current interest rate is 6.8% per annum. NSC provides a 5-year lock-in period tenure. Moreover, if you buy an NSC certificate, you can save tax upto 1.5 lakh under the 80c section of the Income Tax Act, 1961. A resident of India or on behalf of a minor can invest under the NSC scheme. This scheme is only available in Post-office.


  • NSC is a Government of India backed secure saving scheme which comes with a 5-year lock-in period. Partial withdrawal or premature exit is not allowed in this scheme.
  • An individual can purchase a National Savings Certificate with a minimum of 1000 rupees and no declaration about the upper-limit.
  • A National Saving Certificate holder can add one or more nominees including minors to the certificate.
  • NSC is portable. You can transfer an NSC from one branch to another branch of the post office.

Investment Limits

According to the NSC (VII) rules, there is no upper limit for the investment of buying an NSC certificate. An individual can buy the certificate with a minimum value of Rs 1000 and a multiple of 100. There is no declaration about the limitation of the certificate.

TAX Benefits

NSC is a tax-saving scheme that allows saving tax up to Rs 1.5 lakh per annum under section 80c Income Tax Act, 1961. The interest earned for the first four years gets tax-exempt. The earned-interest of the 5th year is taxable and payable according to the income tax slab.

Loan Against NSC

One can use an NSC certificate as loan collateral up to 80% to 85% of its face value. All residents of India can get the loan facility with a specific rate of interest when required. The applicable loan amount depends on your certificate’s maturity duration. There are two ways to repay the loan amount: Either one can take a flat loan and repayment through a monthly basis EMIs or an overdraft facility against NSCs.

Premature Closure Rules

NSC does not offer a premature exit option. However, with certain conditions, a premature exit is allowed:

  • On the death of the certificate holder 
  • On the court order 

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National Savings Certificate (NSC) – Interest-rate

According to the last revision made on 01.04.2020, the latest interest rate of a National Saving Certificate scheme is 6.8%, which compounds annually.  For example, as of January 2021, the interest rate is 6.8%. If one invests Rs. 1,00,000 lakh for five years, then the maturity amount after five years will be Rs. 1,38,949 including Rs.38, 949 interest. 

What is NSC Calculator

The NSC Calculator is a free tool that calculates the approximate return from an investment over National Saving Certificate. The NSC calculator is ideal for those who are going to invest in NSC and try to measure how much he/ she will get in maturity. 

NSC Calculator - How to use

Using NSC Calculator is easy. All you need to provide some inputs. Here are the steps:

  • Visit NSC Calculator on finlive
  • Input how much you are want to invest. There is no upper limit in investment value. Please note that you must input an amount that is multiple of 100.
  • The tenure remains fixed for five-years in NSC Calculator because NSC matures in five years.
  • The rate of interest is also fixed for this scheme. However, the NSC calculator allows you to change the interest rate.
  • Once you have completed your inputs, click on the 'Calculate Now' button to get the result. The result includes maturity year, maturity value, growth table, etc.  

Benefits of National Savings Certificate or NSC Calculator

The five-year saving scheme offers interest compounding on an annual basis that is payable along with the principal at the end of five years. Getting knowledge about returns before an investment is a common phenomenon. And it is not a bad thing at all. But the problem is the calculation of compounding interest is a bit difficult and time-consuming. The NSC Calculator solves all these problems. It's simple, easy to use, and most importantly, it's FREE. You are welcome to use it as many times as you want. The NSC Calculator takes just a few seconds to perform the calculation. 

Who can use the NSC Calculator

Anyone who is going to invest in NSC can use NSC Calculator. The NSC Calculator provides the latest interest rate and scheme information. Additionally, those who are facing some complexity in calculating compounding interest can also use this calculator.

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